How to Get Yield From Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide

One of the key features of cryptocurrency prices is volatility. Most veteran crypto investors are used to being taken on a roller-coaster ride, but it can throw newcomers for a loop.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ways to generate yield in crypto. So no matter the market cycle, investors can take advantage of all the innovation that blockchain developers offer.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has paved the way for creative ways investors can earn yield in crypto or stablecoins through activities such as lending, yield farming, and staking.

Yield Farming  & Staking

Yield farming is the blockchain’s version of a savings account. However, instead of socking your money away in a bank account, you agree to lock up your crypto holdings on a given platform for a certain period.

The yield you earn by staking your crypto is meant to bolster your returns as long as the price rises.

NFTs and Yield

The use cases for NFTs have grown beyond digital avatars and can now be used in areas such as gameplay in blockchain-based games, which in some instances paves the way for earning yield.

One example is HOKK Finance, which is behind a set of 4,444 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

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