5 Top Undervalued Canadian Dividend Stocks this 2022

Dividend investing is a great way to ensure that you create passive wealth during both bull and bear markets.

Dividend investing is favored by many investors because it gives them the benefit of passive income plus long-term capital gains as the value of the stock rises over time.

Investors who have a low-risk appetite generally purchase dividend stocks. Investors who want a part of their portfolio in ‘safe’ territory also opt to buy a certain amount of dividend stocks.

Here are 5 Canadian dividend stocks that are undervalued, and will likely deliver long-term stock price appreciation as well.

Undervalued Canadian Dividend Stock #1: Royal Bank of Canada (RY)

Royal Bank of Canada is one of the leading banks in Canada. After losing close to 10% of its value, the Royal Bank stock is now highly undervalued and is close to its 52-week low.

This could be a great buying opportunity when you consider that banks usually do well when interest rates move up.

Also, Royal Bank’s second-quarter results were not that bad. Though there was a 3.4% reduction in the revenues, net income was up by 6% YOY to $4.3 Billion.

Its provision on performing loans was higher by $244 million driven by the reduced uncertainty in the market.

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