Top Stocks Retirement Portfolio: 11 Best Stocks to Buy Now

Retirees have a different set of challenges in their investment planning, than other groups of investors.

Investors in or nearing retirement might have to consider income replacement as a key component of their investment decisions. After all, retirees no longer have a regular paycheck from working to rely on.

High-Yield Stocks Overview

High dividend stocks are especially interesting right now, in the climate of record high stock prices and historically low interest rates.

Unfortunately, not all stocks with high dividend yields should be purchased.

High-Yield Retirement Stock #11: Costco Wholesale (COST)

Investors beginning to build a retirement income portfolio should look for three attributes when buying individual stocks.

– Own businesses you know and understand. – Buy stock in companies with conservative balance sheets. – Aim for reliable dividend payers with a history of dividend growth.

One company that fits this mold is Costco (COST). Costco is a wholesale retailer, operating more than 820 stores worldwide.

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