4 Timeshare Scams You Should Avoid and the Safe Way to Get Out of a Timeshare

Over 8 million Americans own a timeshare. Usually, owners look to sell when they are in financial hardship and can’t afford to keep up with this luxury.

Those who decide they want to sell their timeshare often find it harder to sell than it was to purchase.

Scammers take advantage of them wanting out of their timeshare quickly by offering empty promises that ultimately leave owners worse off.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to determine who is trustworthy and who isn’t.

Common Scams Used to Target Owners

Protecting yourself from scam timeshare companies is essential when looking for a way to get out of your timeshare. Some companies will offer empty promises that can lead owners to lose thousands of dollars.

Unsolicited callers, fake resale agents, and timeshare contract cancellation are a few scams to watch out for.



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One of the most prevalent resale scams is unexpected calls from a company claiming to have a legitimate buyer for your timeshare.

1) Unsolicited Callers Asking For Upfront Fees

In today’s world, timeshare scams are getting harder to catch. Scammers have also manipulated the phone number that shows up on caller ID. First, they will use area codes of credible timeshare resale companies and pretend to be a “representative.”

2) Fake Timeshare Resale Agents

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