Timeshare Rentals: Score Epic Travel Deals on 16 Websites You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

A timeshare is a type of resort that divides ownership of vacation condos among multiple people.

How Do Timeshare Rentals Work?

According to Redweek.com, when you rent a timeshare instead of using a hotel or travel booking site, you bypass the industry fees baked into these prices.

Four timeshare exchange companies offering these last-minute rentals to anyone.

1.Platinum Interchange

Serving travelers for over 40 years, Platinum Interchange is an independent timeshare exchange and rental company. Even though they aren’t owned by a large company like Wyndham or Marriott, they have relationships with 1,300 timeshare resorts worldwide.

2.Trading Places International

Trading Places International is a former travel agency turned timeshare resort management company that facilitates vacation exchanges for owners. They offer timeshare rentals further out than others, allowing for more vacation planning time.

3.Trading Places Maui

Trading Places Maui is a spin-off of Trading Places International, serving the 100 timeshare resorts with 13,000 total rooms across the Hawaiian Islands.

4.Expectations Interchange

Expectations Interchange is the only timeshare exchange company on this list that has a small fee to join. You can see all of the timeshare rentals available before deciding whether to purchase a membership for under $50.

7 Timeshare Rental Marketplaces

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