Check These 7 Facts About the Royal Line of Succession

In the wake of the queen’s death, many people have asked themselves, “who’s next for the throne?”

While the short answer is that King Charles III comes next, there’s much more to the royal line of succession than that.

The Royal Line of Succession

Here are seven must-know facts about the royal line of succession.

1. Queen Elizabeth Was the Longest-Standing Throne Bearer

I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone knows who Queen Elizabeth II is. However, most people don’t know that she’s the second longest-reigning monarch in the world!

Before her recent passing, Elizabeth had been the queen for 70 years! The only monarch who managed to surpass her was King Louis XIV of France.

2. King Charles III is Next in Line

While most people would expect Prince Harry or Prince William to take charge, King Charles III now has the throne. He’s the first Charles to sit the highest on the monarch since 1685.

Prince Charles III turns 70 this year, and his former royal title was Prince of Wales. Once he takes the throne, his son William will be next in line.

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