Make Plans for Paradise: Tips You Should Know Before You Visit Hawaii

Visiting a tropical island is nothing short of a trip to paradise.  Knowing when the best time to visit Hawaii is can make a great vacation even better!

Depending on your goals, some months are better than others for great weather, fewer crowds, and finding the cheapest flights and hotels.

It’s a given that summer will have large crowds. Still, there’s more to planning an epic vacation than simply avoiding July and August.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

While the best time to visit Hawaii is subjective to your personal goals, there are some factors most vacationers consider when planning vacation time.

Avoid Crowds When You Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is the least crowded during the shoulder seasons. That includes April-May for spring and September-October for fall.

Fewer people on the islands means not waiting in long lines at restaurants. It also means excursions are less likely to be booked out, rental cars are easier (and less expensive) to find, and snorkel shops will still have rentals available.

Palm Leaf

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