9 Penny Stocks to Watch in Q1 And Q2 2022

Penny stocks are the stocks of a small company that trades for $5 per share or less.

Best Value Tech Penny Stocks

Businesses with higher sales can go on to deliver more profit when it eventually achieves or returns to profitability. Exela Technologies Inc., SOS Ltd., and Boxlight Corp are some examples of these penny stocks.

Fastest Growing Tech Penny Stocks

These tech penny stocks have the highest year-over-year (YOY) sales growth for the most recent quarter. Some of the stocks that fall in this group are Desktop Metal Inc., Boxlight Corp., and KULR Technology Group Inc.

Tech Penny Stocks with the Most Momentum

Some of the tech penny stocks with the most momentum include Phunware Inc., KULR Technology Group Inc., and Marin Software Inc. These tech penny stocks had the highest total return over the last 12 months, which makes them an ideal choice.

Let’s now look at some of the penny stocks you can consider across the categories mentioned

Exela Technologies Inc.

Exela Technologies is a business process automation company that offers software and services for accounting, and human resources management, among others.

SOS Ltd.

SOS Ltd. is a China-based holding company. It offers financial services such as consumer credit, emergency rescue services, and insurance products through subsidiaries.

Boxlight Corp.

Boxlight provides interactive technology solutions such as displays, collaboration software, as well as audio and campus communication solutions. The company targets to serve schools, businesses, and governments.

Desktop Metal Inc.

Desktop Metal Inc. manufactures 3D printers and other equipment used to build complex parts. The company serves industries such as aerospace, healthcare, consumer products, and heavy industry.

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