How to Get Yield From Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide

Monthly dividend stocks allow for dividend investors to compound their wealth monthly as opposed to quarterly, which is the most common dividend schedule in the world of investing.

This frequent dividend payment allows for investors to reinvest their money more quickly if they are in the asset accumulation phase of their life, or to cover living expenses for retirees.

Three years ago, we looked into Three Canadian Monthly Dividend Stocks with Yields Up to 8%. Since then, two of those companies have been acquired. The third company is included once again in this article.

Canadian High-Yield Stock #1: Pembina Pipeline Corp. (PBA)

Pembina Pipeline Corporation is a major provider of transportation and midstream services. Pembina owns pipelines which transport hydrocarbon liquids and natural gas products.

Additionally, they own gas gathering and processing facilities and an oil and natural gas liquids infrastructure and logistics business.

Current Events

To further fuel growth, Pembina entered into an agreement with KKR to combine their western Canadian natural gas processing assets into one single, joint venture entity.

Current Events

Pembina is one such company as it has paid a higher dividend for ten consecutive years, from $1.56 CAD in 2011 to $2.52 in 2021.

Valuation & Total Returns

We see fair value for Pembina at around 10.0 times adjusted cash flow from operations.

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