Master These Investing Tips for Beginners on Day Zero Published by Tim Thomas

To grow your wealth and secure a comfortable financial future, you’ll want to adhere to some essential investing tips.

Tim Thom

I’ll give you 4 things you must do before getting starting with the investing tips for beginners. These should be fairly obvious but it's important you do them first before moving on to the investing tips.


Sign-up for Your Company 401k

You might not know about it, the funds, or how much to put in your 401k, but if your company offers retirement accounts, get yourself set up. Start with a tiny percentage from your paychecks first to get the ball rolling.


Pay off Debts

fIf your company offers a 401k and company match, you should take advantage of that regardless of whether you have some debts. I say this because you could lose years of compound interest, and the earlier you get started, the better.


Have an Emergency Fund Built

You should have an emergency cash reserve to cover 3–9 months of short-term expenses before you begin getting deep into investing. It will help stop you from being a “forced seller” on your long-term investments when circumstances change unexpectedly.


Figure Out Your Monthly Expenses

You should have a strong understanding of your expenses and monthly spending. This will help you determine how much you can start to invest. Plus, it can also help you see where you can cut back, which that extra money can then go towards future investments.

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