13 Investing Lessons Learned: Personal Finance Experts Share Their Advice for 2022

Two-thirds of Americans are considering a financial-related New Years Resolution for 2022. If you’re one of the millions of people getting serious about your finances, check out 13 personal finance experts’ lessons learned.

13 Personal Finance Experts Share Investing Lessons Learned to Help You Prepare for 2022

Have a (Financial) Plan

I am Larry Sprung the Founder and Wealth Advisor of Mitlin Financial. Financial planning, having a plan, is so much more than investments and should address areas such as retirement planning, estate planning, education planning, risk management, asset allocation review, and cash flow planning.

Remember the Benefits of Dollar-Cost Averaging

I’m Theresa from In The Game Investing. 2021 proved over and over again that dollar-cost averaging is one of the best investment strategies of all time. Lots of people were talking about a pullback. But the S&P 500 had more than 50 all-time highs.

There are Opportunities in Any Market

I’m Rachel from Adventures in Mobile Homes. One investing lesson I learned based on the way the markets behaved in 2021 is that there are opportunities in any market.

Adapt Your Portfolio for Inflation

I’m Linda, founder of TheCentsofMoney.com. The financial markets in 2021 have been strong, making new highs often, remaining volatile but vulnerable to higher inflation.

Get Multiple Bids for Real Estate Investment Projects

I’m Dr. Cory S. Fawcett from Financial Success MD, a retired surgeon who retired on real estate investment cash flow. In the spring of this year, I needed to get my 31 unit apartment complex painted.

Buy and Hold

I am Prakash, the founder and author of the Dividend Power website. I learned that overvalued markets can even get more overvalued.

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