Make Smart Research Decisions: How to Invest in Epic Games Right Now

According to Epic Games, over 350 million people played Fortnite as of January 2022, and Newzoo ranks it as the world’s second most popular core PC game.

Who Owns Epic Games?

At the current time, Epic Games’ majority shareholder is Tim Sweeney, the company’s founder, and CEO. He owns more than half of the business.

What Is the Value of Epic Games?

Epic Games’ valuation is $32 billion, according to the company’s announcement in April 2022, following a $2 billion round of funding from Sony Group Corp and KIRKBI (parent company of LEGo group), each investing S1 billion each.

How Much Revenue Does Epic Games Make?

Epic Games had recently reported revenue of $5.1 billion. Despite its growth, the Epic Games Store expects to be profitable only in 2025, according to public markets.

Is it Possible to Buy Epic Games Stock?

Investing in Epic Games is currently limited to companies that possess a private stake in the company.

What is the Stock Symbol for Epic Games?

Like other popular companies such as SpaceX, Hulu, and Instagram, Epic Games is not publicly listed, it does not have a stock symbol. Epic Corp (OTCMKTS: EPOR) is a stock mistaken for Epic Games; however, it is for a completely different firm.

What is the Current Stock Price of Epic Games?

Tim Sweeney and other minority investors hold Epic Games privately. It means that the company has no stock symbol or price.

Epic Games Competitors You Can Invest In

1) Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR) 2) Roblox Corp (NYSE: RBLX)

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