Interview Technique: The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask and Why

Nailing the job interview requires preparation and the right interview technique. Aligned to both involves asking the right questions.

Interview Nerves

I realize that the thought of an impending interview might cause some sleepless nights. This is normal – one of the things about interviews is the connection to the fear of failure.

Preparation is the Secret Sauce

As a recruiter one of the biggest errors I saw candidates make and one of the main reasons for failing to get the job offer was insufficient preparation. At the core of the preparation is knowing what questions to ask.

During your preparations consider the following 3 questions. You should prioritize asking these questions above others and I’ve explained why.

Question 1 “Can you tell me a little about the team I’ll be joining, such as how many people and what level of experience they have?”

When you’re preparing for an interview you should be thinking about the team you want to be joining.

Question 2 “What skills do you require for this position?”

Just because you’ve seen the job advertisement and seen the list of skills and experience required, you should avoid *thinking* you know exactly what the employer wants. Why? The person who wrote the advertisement may not be the same person who is interviewing you.

Question 3 “Do you have any reservations about my suitability for the role?”

The most effective time to ask this questions is towards the end of the interview. The purpose is to: – a) Invite the interviewer to give a frank assessment of whether they will offer you the job and; – b) To demonstrate your commitment to securing the job.

Why is this question so important to ask? The goal is to direct the conversation on your terms. You should aim to talk about ‘why should you not be offered the role’.

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