5 Reasons Why Rising Inflation Is Stoking a Housing Market Crash

One of the significant consequences of rising inflation is the potential for housing prices to rise, possibly causing a housing market crisis.

Interest Rates Hikes

When inflation runs wild, the Fed raises interest rates to slow the economy down.

Slowdown in Demand

Buyers competing for limited housing is known as a seller’s market because sellers have the upper hand and can dictate prices to some extent.

More Home Construction

Many experts predict that housing inventory will enter the market, allowing supply to meet demand. It’s unclear whether this is quite the supply shock needed to cause a housing market crash, but it could certainly stabilize or reduce prices.

A Turbulent Rental Market

At this point, you might be wondering what’s in store for the rental market. So far, it’s kept up with price increases elsewhere in the economy faster than house prices as a whole, and rent in the US has reached an all-time high.

Mixed Responses from Investors

It’s tough to know which conclusion individual investors will reach, and there’s likely to be some diversity of opinion. Some may consider real estate a hedge against inflation, but others may get spooked and pull out, completely dampening demand further.

Are Prices About to Crash and Burn?

It might be sensationalist to say that we can expect a housing market crash in 2022 with any certainty, but there’s plenty of evidence pointing toward house prices decreasing.

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