5 Trends to Expect in the US Housing Market

As an outcome of the COVID pandemic, several aspects of the housing market were affected in the US. Mortgage rates plunged to record lows, and the price of homes increased dramatically.

Top 5 trends that we believe will affect the real estate industry in 2022.

Mortgage Rates to Increase

Mortgage rates are on the rise due to consumer spending and rising inflation, as per Sam Khater, chief economist of Freddie Mac.

Decelerating Price Appreciation

If appreciation slows, Americans won’t have to fear that their home values will outpace their future pay raises. Many first home buyers will feel relieved.

Reasonable Housing to Remain Out of Reach for Many

The COVID pandemic has worsened housing affordability by taking money from Americans’ paychecks and causing a housing shortage. As a countertrend to the crisis, mortgage rates have sunk to record lows, softening the blow for buyers.

Declining Rental Market

Due to the migration of residents away from big cities, apartment vacancies have reached their highest levels since 2010, and rental prices have declined.

Putin’s Decision to Wage War Could be a Blow to the US Housing Market

In the immediate aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week, markets worldwide were sparked into a violent frenzy, resulting in increased insecurity and the possibility of reduced consumer spending.

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