Has the Housing Market Crash Arrived? Here are 13 Signs You Can Tell

For the most part, stock market investors, are aware of and accept the risk that prices will fall from time to time, many people who purchase a home do not believe that the value of their home will fall soon.

Perhaps it’s hope or greed, but no one likes to consider the possibility they’re buying just before a housing market crash.

However, unlike the stock market, where investors can develop a strategy to protect themselves in a bear market (like the one we’ve seen in the last few months of 2022) through swing trading, there’s no easy insurance against falls in housing market prices.

That said, compared to other asset types, over the last fifty years, its unsual to see bubble in the housing market which is immediately followed by a crash; The last obvious example was the Credit Crisis.

Signs That the Housing Market Will Crash

Will We See a Housing Market Crash?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a buyer, the prospect of a housing market collapse is scary. The last thing you want is to own a massive, inflated asset while the economy is collapsing.

So, how can you know whether the property market is on the verge of collapsing? While there are some major trends in the housing market, here are seven signs the market is turning south.

1) After an Extended Period of Acceleration, Home Prices Plateau

If one of the trends in the housing market is year on year, consistent real estate price increases, it indicates the possibility of an impending crash or at a minimum, a more benign correction.

2) Numerous Risky Mortgages

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