Housing Bubble Report: Record Low of First Time Home Buyers

The proportion of first-time buyers as a percentage of total US housing market buyers has been lower than the historical average over the past few years, and it keeps dropping.

Meanwhile, the proportion of real estate investors is rising. What does this mean for the market, and could it be a warning signal that a housing market crash is coming?

Decline of First-Time US Housing Market buyers

Historically, first-time buyers have made up around 40% of the total home sales market in the US. But in April 2022, they accounted for just 28% of existing-home sales.

This isn’t an overnight change, but the problem is getting worse. Between 2003 and 2010, the proportion of first-time buyers consistently hovered around 40%, although the number went as high as 50% in 2010.

Yet the percentage dropped to 33% in 2014, and has been around that level since — now, the share has dropped lower than ever.



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The Rise of Real Estate Investors

While the share of first-time buyers is lower than ever, investors are starting to play an increasingly important role. In April 2022, investors made up 17% of the sales of existing properties.

Some areas face even higher rates than this; Charlotte leads the way with a share of 32.1%, shortly followed by Jacksonville with a share of 29.8%.

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