8 Reasons Your Credit Score Dropped and How to Raise It

Did your credit scores drop for no apparent reason? Use these wise tips to boost your scores quickly, so an unexpected credit score dip doesn’t hurt your finances.

What Affects Your Credit Score?

One of the biggest misconceptions about credit is that you only have one credit score, such as FICO.

8 Reasons Your Credit Score Dropped Suddenly

1. You’ve Become the Victim of Identity Theft.

This is by far the worst and most serious reason you could see your credit scores plummet. If a thief steals your personal information and takes out a loan or gets a credit card in your name, he or she isn’t likely to pay the bill.

2. You Have an Error in Your Credit Reports.

As you review your credit reports looking for evidence of fraud, you may find other errors that are to blame for a sudden drop in your credit scores.

3. You Unintentionally Missed a Payment Due Date.

Having late payments or accounts in collections are serious red flags that you haven’t been dependable and that you may not repay debts with regularity or at all.

4. Your Credit Utilization Increased.

The second most important credit score factor is how much debt you owe and your credit utilization. Using a smaller percentage of your available credit on revolving accounts (such as credit cards and lines of credit) boosts your scores.

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