6 Unique Reasons to Believe the Dogecoin Price Will Rise in 2022

The idea that a cryptocurrency may have enduring value is not outlandish. In the past few months, the Dogecoin price has gone through a roller-coaster pattern of dizzying price surges and massive plunges, despite people dismissing it as a joke coin with no real potential for growth.

1. Increasingly, It Is Gaining Acceptance

Dogecoin, like all currencies, increases in value as it becomes more widely regarded as a means of exchange. Even though dozens of small businesses now use Dogecoin, the impact on the economy is negligible that said, the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA will accept Doge to allow customers to purchase tickets and merchandise through BitPay.

2. Over Bitcoin, It Offers Some Advantages On A Daily Basis

The non-profit VeriBlock Foundation states that it is developing a secure blockchain technology that uses Bitcoin’s proof-of-work security for other digital currencies, including Dogecoin. In addition to lowering Bitcoin’s relative environmental costs, the technology could provide superior protection for other digital currencies.

3. The Crypto Roller Coaster Hasn’t Devalued It

Like all cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has taken a beating over the past few weeks. Its value fluctuated independently of Bitcoin or even the crypto market during its rise. Its price has been hovering in the $0.30 to $0.40 range for nearly a week.

4. More Demand For DOGE From Internet Users And Retail Investors

Due to its ‘approachable’ aesthetic, Dogecoin may become more popular as younger generations discover the cryptocurrency market, paving the way to advance tipping services.

5. A Greater Number Of Merchants Will Accept DOGE

Cryptwerk reports that around 2,000 merchants currently accept Dogecoin, while over 7,700 take Bitcoin. Numbers are on the rise.

6. DOGE Tweets Will Continue

Self-proclaimed Dogefather consistently pumps Dogecoin on social media. The billionaire is likely to tweet about his favorite coin in the year to come. His opinion is that Dogecoin is the people’s crypto and that spending it is easier than Bitcoin.

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