McRib NFTs, India’s Modi Hacked Plus BTC and ETH See Slight Increases

Last week saw an overall recovery in the crypto market, with the bulk of the coins in the top 100 for market capitalization seeing price improvements. CVX led the pack with an increase of 47.7%, followed by NEAR (up 37.99%), BTT (up 29.8%), and HT (up 13.7%).

The main coins followed this overall trend, with BTC increasing by 2.6% and ETH by 1.5%. They’re still both lagging between their all-time highs a few weeks back (especially bitcoin), but at least things are pointing in the right direction.

However, not all cryptocurrencies were fortunate enough to enjoy price rises. LUNA was at the opposite end of the spectrum, dropping by 19.99%.

Hacks have always been a major issue for traditional financial institutions and cryptocurrencies alike, but there are always novel methods that come along and surprise us. One of them happened last week when a hacker got into India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account and tweeted that his country had bought 500 bitcoin and adopted bitcoin as legal tender.

Modi wasn’t the only one to be hacked last week. The DeFi platform BadgerDAO also announced that it had suffered an attack — and this time, rather than the hacker simply tweeting on its behalf, they stole $120 million.

McDonalds issued ten McRib NFTs (inspired by the McRib that is available for a few weeks each year) at the start of November, following the footsteps of various other food brands that have made similar moves recently. Unfortunately, the fast-food chain didn’t quite have the launch it was expecting. It was brought to the public’s attention that one of the Ethereum addresses associated with the NFTs contained an offensive racial remark.

Traders of ConstitutionDAO’s PEOPLE token have suffered liquidations of $9 million. Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise given the token has no intrinsic value and even ConstitutionDAO itself has thrown in the towel (it initially tried to purchase a copy of the U.S. Constitution but was unsuccessful).

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