Crypto Price Check: GALA Up Over 300%

GALA saw the biggest price increases last week, rising a massive 316.6% in a week — that’s the most significant rise we’ve seen in a while.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have KDA, which dropped by 20.2%. Similarly, SUSHI dropped in value (by 18.8%), as did FTM (down 18.2%) and BCHA (down 17.6%).

If you’re wondering how the major coins fared to reconsider your current investing strategy, they saw slight declines. BTC dropped by 7.3%, ETH by 5.3%, and BNB by 8.7%.

The reason for the rise of CRO (which is the native coin of is largely due to a deal with the Staples Center, an arena in Downtown LA that hosts the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. CRO bought the naming rights for 20 years, meaning the venue will now be called the Arena.

Polkadot has now completed its first parachain auction, which aims to provide an alternative to Ethereum smart contracts. Unlike Ethereum and many of its competitors, Polkadot users won’t need to buy tokens or even understand how the native token DOT works — they can simply do their business in the easiest way possible.

We’ve heard a fair amount about Square’s plans to create its own decentralized bitcoin exchange, but a white paper released last week revealed the finer details of how the project will work. The protocol will give all users a decentralized identity and verifiable credentials to provide them with an identity and create more trust.

The latest segment of El Salvador’s journey into bitcoin is the government’s new plans to create an entire city fueled by bitcoin. Say what? The so-called “Bitcoin City” is set to feature the usual amenities like restaurants and transport hubs, but more revolutionarily, its layout will be a massive coin and the plaza will take the form of a bitcoin simple.

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