5 Reasons for Not Trusting Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are among the most misunderstood professionals. Although this job is supposed to assist people in purchasing homes, most people think it ends with scamming society.

Agents in the housing market are often stereotyped as self-centered and corrupt individuals. Except for the strategies to persuade individuals to buy and sell homes, no formal educational background is required.

This article will cover five reasons why people do not like housing market agents and what do agents do and do not do that make people distrust them.

Why Do Housing Market Buyers and Sellers Not Trust Their Real Estate Agent?

Although many people do not dislike real estate agents, most housing market buyers and sellers are annoyed by some aspects of their experience working with one. While 89% of Americans say they distrust realtors to some extent, others say they do not trust real estate agents at all.

When you consider the current state of the industry, that trend is not surprising. You are more likely to work with a real estate agent who makes you wonder what realtors do to warrant a 5% to 7% cut of any transaction they are involved in than a top-performing real estate agent.



Investing in Real Estate or Buying a New Home?

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Although there are over 400,000 licensed realtors in the US, only 10% of them manage 81% of the business. Below are five reasons why most people do not trust real estate agents.

1. Lack of Communication

Many agents, for whatever reason, do not respond to inquiries and messages promptly, and some do not answer at all.  When it comes to the house buying process, contacts and customers have numerous questions.

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