9 of the Best Personal Finance Software for 2022

Personal finance software refers to any app, program, or application that helps you make better financial decisions.

Best Personal Finance Software of 2022

These are the best personal finance software of 2022.


Founded recently in 2020, ChroniFI is a personal finance application/dashboard that gives users control over their time and money. The founder Ben Miller realized that the accurate measure of wealth is not money but rather time.


One of the best budgeting apps available today, Mint syncs up seamlessly to your bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement accounts. It dynamically tracks all of your income, purchases, and savings and comes with a daily budget planner.


YNAB stands for You Need A Budget, and after you start using this money management software for a few months, you’ll realize that you perhaps needed a budget sooner! YNAB’s basic philosophy is to assign a role to every dollar you earn.


FutureAdvisor is a Robo-advisor that also provides you with retirement analysis. The tool allows you to link your accounts and receive custom recommendations based on your portfolio and long-term goals.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is another robot-advisor service that isn’t for every day individuals just starting their investing journey. Instead, it’s for affluent individuals that will take advantage of the high standard of service and custom investment advice.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a top personal finance software that helps you build up your credit score. Not only does it keep you up-to-date and informed about your current credit score, but it also notifies you of any potential credit breaches.

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