36 Brilliant Beginner Investing Tips

Investing can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

The truth is that there are many different ways to invest your money, and you don’t need a lot of knowledge or experience to start.

This blog post will discuss 36 beginner investing tips to start their investment portfolio. Even if you only have $100.

Beginner Investing Tips

1. Keep Your Portfolio Simple

One of the biggest mistakes that new investors make is getting too creative with their portfolios. Instead, it’s best to keep your investments simple to maintain a good amount of control over them.

Keeping things under 30 individual positions is ideal so you can avoid being spread out too thin across many companies or funds. For many, index funds may be the way to go for simplicity’s sake.

2. Don’t Invest Too Much Money at Once

Unless you are an experienced investor already, it’s probably not a great idea to start investing significant chunks of money all at once.

3. Rebalance Your Portfolio Regularly

Rebalance your portfolio once or twice per year. Rebalancing will help ensure that you are not over-focused in any area.

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