7 Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally

Whether you’re purchasing a product, paying someone for their work, or sending money to a friend or family member overseas, having the ability to easily transfer money internationally can help in everyday tasks.

This post reveals 7 websites with varying functions and structures that allow you to do just that.


Venmo is a free to use service that allows the instant transfer of money all over the world. Account creation is simple and linking information to your bank account is also an easy task.


PayPal is another free to use app and website that features very similar functions as Venmo. You can search for someone via phone number, email, name, or a link sent to you by the recipient.

Facebook Messages

Facebook may not be the first company to come to mind when thinking of a way to transfer money internationally but the social media giant Facebook has recently adopted a method of allowing its users to send money through its message system.

Western Union

Western Union has many physical locations typically in convenience or grocery stores that can allow in-person money sending experience. Western Union money transfers do include fees that are a bit more costly than the others on this list, and the fee uses a few different factors to calculate, so it may not be the best if you want an easily understandable service fee.

Google Pay

As Google branches out to feature technology and programs for almost every aspect of your life, it is no surprise they have invented a payment program that can be accessed by its millions of worldwide users. Google Pay is extremely convenient when making purchases online or on your phone because it can link your entered account information with your Google account, and allow very simple single step payments.

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