12 of the Best 5G Stocks (Updated for 2022)

5G deployment is proving to be one of the most significant technological innovations over the last few years.

What you need to know

5G is the latest generation of wireless networks, superseding 4G and everything that came before it. The technology will bring faster connection, fewer lags, and new technological possibilities, like software using the internet of things.

12 Best 5G Stocks to Buy

Qualcomm Stock (NASDAQ: QCOM)

Qualcomm is a semiconductor company set to benefit from 5G because it produces smartphone parts, including chips for Apple.


Nvidia creates chips and graphic cards, both of which will be essential for powering 5G networks and keeping them running fast.

Ericsson Stock (NASDAQ: ERIC)

Nvidia and Ericsson have partnered to bring greater efficiency through building efficient radio access networks for 5G. If you’re convinced Nvidia will be successful, chances are you’re also willing to bet on this stock.

Ciena Stock (NYSE: CIEN)

Ciena is another telecommunications equipment provider. It helps companies set up their optical fiber networks; essential equipment for 5G since they provide unlimited bandwidth.

Nokia Stock (HEL: NOKIA)

Although Nokia might not be the popular phone manufacturer it once was, it remains a major supplier of infrastructure equipment to wireless companies. The company is worth around $24 billion — not exactly small fry.

T Mobile Stock US (NASDAQ: TMUS)

T-Mobile is the third biggest mobile network in the US — of course, it plans to take advantage of 5G. The network is currently ahead of competitors AT&T and Verizon Communications in terms of 5G deployment in the US, already covering over 200 million people.

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