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My journey to investing profits and the success I now enjoy has been a long one.

I tried and failed, failed again, and eventually succeeded and it was because of one small tweak to my strategy.

This small tweak revolutionized my approach and the profits I now get from my investments started showing up immediately.

Like many stock investors and traders I struggled to earn consistent profits from the markets but the change I did allowed me to break free of the profits / loss cycle I was in.

By zoning in on how much I was money I was risking on each investment, my focus turned from how much I could make from each investment to how little I could lose.

I realized that by focusing on minimizing my loses and continuing to make money on my profitable trades, I would start to break the profit / loss cycle I was in.

But I didn’t stop there…

I realized that if I could continue to manage my losses and but only select investments which had potential for profits greater than 3 larger than my average loss, I could have losing trades more than half the time and still make signficant profits.

In fact, I calculated that I could afford to be right less than 40% of the time and still be making great money.

Tim Thomas


I Am tim thomas

With over 20 years of trading and investing experience across stocks, futures and options, cryptocurrencies and real estate, I help traders and investors reach their goal of consistent profits. The markets are consistent evolving, as traders and investors we need to be ahead of the curve, it is my mission to provide individuals with the skills and mindset to master the critical knowledge and strategies that will drive their wealth creation and financial freedom. 

More About Me

 The two main goals the Risk Reward Optimizer:

  • Narrative to come.
  • Narrative to come.

These two objectives will provide you with a blueprint to …..

What you can expect from the program

The programme is split into three parts.

  • In part one, you will be given essential concepts that will form the basis of your system.
  • Part three looks deeper at the psychology of trading and the emotional impact of running a system that doesn’t click with you and which you don’t click with.

Why My Program

Grow your knowledge and accelerate your wealth creation towards financial freedom

I will respond to you personally

You’ll be given direct access to myself, Tim Thomas to answer any queries you have about the concepts being taught.


Trusted Knowledge

In addition to the core curriculum, you will be given tests and assignments to complete along the way.

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Anytime, Anywhere

You’ll have access to on-demand videos and downloadable resources to support your learning and development.


Most frequent questions and answers

Will the program be available on demand?

Yes, the course will be available on demand for you to watch in your own time around your own schedule. The downloadable course materials will be yours to keep forever. 

How long does will the program last?​

The program will be delivered over several modules and will last a number of weeks so settle in and make yourself comfortable. The curriculum is designed around you and what time you have available in your schedule. To make sure each module is given enough time, access to the next module is available the following week. Also, because the knowledge gained in each module is essential to getting the most out of the next, modules have to be completed before progressing.  

What if I don’t like the program I purchased?

I’m so confident you’re going to be blown away by what’s in the program, I’m willing to offer a full refund within 30 days of the program release date. f you’ve opted to buy the program as a bundle with other products or research, the full cost of these will be deducted from the refund due. 

Is technical analysis covered in the program?

Yes! Although this program isn’t solely focused on technical analysis it is covered in one of the modules. 

Where can I go for help?

You will be given direct access to myself, Tim Thomas and I will answer any questions you might have about the program and its contents. You will have my email and if you’re really struggling we can jump on a Skype call to talk.