What is Rick Ross’ Net Worth and Other Facts About the Rapper and Entrepreneur

If you’re a rap fan, you’re probably familiar with Rick Ross.  

Songs like “Hustlin” and “Idols Become Rivals” are classics for the average rap fan and are pretty sure to be featured at your next hip-hop party. 

However, while you might know a lot about Officer Ricky’s hit singles and top albums, we’d wager you’re not as familiar with Rick Ross’ net worth. 

In this guide, we’ll break down all the juicy details about Rick Ross’ financial life and go over a couple of other fast facts about the singer. 

Quick Facts:

  • Rick Ross Net worth: $40 million
  • Birthday: January 28, 1976
  • Age: 46
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.83 m (6 ft)
  • Career: Rapper
  • Born: Mississippi, USA
  • Currently lives: Atlanta, USA

What is Rick Ross’ Net Worth?

1. Rick Ross’ Net Worth is $40 Million

While Rick Ross isn’t the biggest rapper out there, he has a pretty hefty net worth to be aware of. 

The Grammy-nominated rapper makes most of his cash from tours and new songs. 

However, he also gets quite a few endorsement contracts. These contracts get him cash just for endorsing specific products. Talk about an easy gig!

Today, Rick Ross’ net worth has reached over $40 million, thanks to the music he creates and his other business ventures. And, with his excellent saving habits and continued fame, there’s a good chance that his wealth will keep growing. 

2. Rick Ross Hasn’t Always Been Rich

While some musicians are born into fame and riches, Rick Ross certainly isn’t one of them. In fact, long before he was raking in millions of dollars a year, he was working as a corrections officer. 

According to Ross, his experience as a corrections officer wasn’t the best, nor was his salary. 

By the late 1900s, Ross had moved on to greener pastures and launched his career as a rapper. As it happened, switching career paths was a good move because today, he makes around $5 million a year!

3. Rick Ross Got Into Hot Water Over His Rap Name

You probably realize that most rappers don’t go by their real names. For instance, Eminem’s parents didn’t name him after their favorite chocolates. Instead, he picked a stage name to help him get into character. 

Similarly, Rick Ross’ real name is William Leonard Roberts II. 

When he first started rapping, Rick Ross went by Teflon Da Don. However, in 2000 the rapper switched his name to Rick Ross, a pseudonym he took from a famous drug dealer named Freeway Ricky Ross.

Unfortunately, the original Ricky Ross didn’t take kindly to the rap star’s copycatting. He sued him for $10 million, claiming that the rapper should have asked his permission before using his name.

Despite a three-year-long battle over the name, Rick Ross The Rapper came out on top. Not only did he get to keep his $10 million, but he also got to keep his alias.

4. He Has His Own Recording Label

While a good chunk of Rick Ross’ net worth comes from the music he makes, another hefty sum comes from his business—a recording label called Maybach Music Group. 

Rick Ross launched Mayback Music Group in 2009, and since then, it’s what’s helped him release most of his music. 

The recording label saw some big success and helped launch five hit records. It’s also seen lucrative collaborations with the likes of Drake and Andre 3000!

5. He Loves to Save Just as Much as He Loves to Spend

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that Rick Ross loves treating himself to the high life. 

Among other things, Rick Ross purchased a 190-bedroom mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, from pro boxer Evander Holyfield. The estate spans a whopping 54,000 square feet or 322 acres.

That’s not his only house, either. He’s also the proud owner of a $3.5 million Florida home, which he says he bought “just to drive by.”

Rick Ross also has an impressive vintage car collection in the garages of both these homes. As part of the collection, you’ll find a Lamborghini Urus, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Tesla Model 3, and 97 other luxurious cars. 

Despite his big spending on fancy cars and nice cribs, Rick Ross believes in the power of saving. In fact, Rick Ross didn’t start spending his fortune until he had fully established himself as a profitable rap artist. 

6. Not All His Fortune Came from Making Music

Although Rick Ross’s primary source of income is his music career and record label, not all his hard-earned cash comes from music. 

Rick Ross has also had a couple of other gigs that have landed him some pretty big bucks. 

For one thing, he got a hefty payout for being nominated MTV’s Hottest MC in 2012. He’s also earned a good amount of cash from his autobiography that he released in 2019, called “Hurricanes: A Memoir.”

Other ventures include several businesses he owns, including a beard grooming brand, a champagne brand, a shoe company, and several restaurants. 

And lastly, the rap star has appeared in a couple of films:

  • Days of Wrath (2008)
  • Superfly (2018)
  • Step Up: High Water (2019)
  • Coming 2 America (2021)

Other Interesting Facts

There are tons of fun facts to know about Rick Ross. A couple of other juicy details about the rap star include: 

  • Rick Ross entered the world of NFT and crypto in 2021
  • The first-ever art car launched by Rick Ross and Coll & Dre was a Porsche 911.
  • He believes in the power of inner circles. 
  • At least thirty Wingstop’s are under Rick Ross’ name by 2017. 
  • His Youtube VEVO channel has over 1.2 million subscribers.

Learn to Build Your Wealth Like Rick Ross

Rick Ross may be a millionaire, but it certainly didn’t happen overnight. It’s thanks to hard work, dedication, and a great attitude. 

While you may not have the gift of rapping, you too can start raking in the big bucks with a little bit of financial knowledge. Check out our other posts to learn more about how to be financially savvy and start saving for a rainy day!

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