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Foundation of Stock and FOREX Trading

 The three main goals of the course:

  • You will be given the base knowledge to get started in stock and FOREX (foreign exchange) trading. 
  • This course will give you a shortcut to developing the skills and knowledge required to be successful whether you want to trade full-time or create a side income from trading. 
  • It aims to provide beginner traders with the skills and strategies to interpret data and charts to make informed decisions on how to react. 

What you'll learn

  • How the stock and FOREX markets work 
  • The different global exchanges
  • How to get started with opening an account
  • How to chose the rights stocks or FOREX pairs to trade
  • Technical Analysis including candlesticks chart patterns, technical indicators and market internals (an insider’s view). 
  • How to take advantage of the volatility cycle
  • How to interpret economic data
  • Risk and money management 
  • Powerful strategies to use in all market conditions
  • The basics of strategy backtesting
  • Psychology and emotional intelligence

Module 1

Trading 101

Why be involved in the markets. What is the history of the markets. What is a stock and FOREX pair. Who are the main players inc brokers, custodians, commercials. What is the purpose of markets. Exchanges.

Trading 101

5 parts - delivered by video and downloadable materials.

Module 2

Getting Started

What are the right tools and software. Commission and slippage. Order types. Orders and the auction process, time and sales.

Getting Started

4 parts - delivered by video and downloadable materials including journal template.

Module 3

Technical Analysis

Chart patterns. Candlesticks. Technical indicators. Volume. Trends, support and resistance. Market internals (the magic keys). Bollinger Bands strategies. Relative Strength Index and Average True Range.

How to interpret the market

9 parts - delivered by video and downloadable materials.
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module 4

Risk and Money Management

Risk management. Risk Reward. Account equity management. Postiion sizing.

Risk and Money Management

4 parts - delivered by video and downloadable materials.
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Module 5

Module 6

How to be the casino

Why most lose money. Introduction to odds and probabilities. Expectation and edge. The importance of backtesting. The process of testing a strategy.

How to be the casino

5 parts - delivered by video and downloadable materials. Including sample strategy backtesting results.

How make consistent profits - Trader psychology

The missing link - why most lose money. Trade psychology (but it's not what you think). Trader and strategy harmony. Emotional intelligence.

How make consistent profits - Trader psychology

3 parts - delivered by video and downloadable materials including mindset questionnaire.
Tim Thomas


I Am tim thomas

With over 20 years of trading and investing experience across stocks, futures and options, cryptocurrencies and real estate, I help traders and investors reach their goal of consistent profits. The markets are consistent evolving, as traders and investors we need to be ahead of the curve, it is my mission to provide individuals with the skills and mindset to master the critical knowledge and strategies that will drive their wealth creation and financial freedom. 

Why My Program

Grow your knowledge and accelerate your wealth creation towards financial freedom

I will respond to you personally

You'll be given direct access to myself, Tim Thomas to answer any queries you have about the concepts being taught.


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In addition to the core curriculum, you will be given tests and assignments to complete along the way.

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Anytime, Anywhere

You'll have access to on-demand videos and downloadable resources to support your learning and development.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the course will be available on demand for you to watch in your own time around your own schedule. The downloadable course materials will be yours to keep forever. 

The program will be delivered over several modules and will last a number of weeks so settle in and make yourself comfortable. The curriculum is designed around you and what time you have available in your schedule. To make sure each module is given enough time, access to the next module is available the following week. Also, because the knowledge gained in each module is essential to getting the most out of the next, modules have to be completed before progressing.  

I’m so confident you’re going to be blown away by what’s in the program, I’m willing to offer a full refund within 30 days of the program release date. f you’ve opted to buy the program as a bundle with other products or research, the full cost of these will be deducted from the refund due. 

Yes! Although this program isn’t solely focused on technical analysis it is covered in one of the modules. 

You will be given direct access to myself, Tim Thomas and I will answer any questions you might have about the program and its contents. You will have my email and if you’re really struggling we can jump on a Skype call to talk.