Discover How To Get The Big eToro Profits You Have Worked Hard For Right Now

Here’s a short post for new readers that outlines a little about myself and my trading style. I’m primarily a swing trader and recently, I started using eToro to log my track record – in March, I was up nearly 26%, but more on that shortly.

Alongside my trading, I do a lot of writing, and this website captures a lot of the challenges I’ve had during my trading career. I’ve written for several well-known websites, including MSNWealth of Geeks, Ladders, Wealthtender, and trading sites such as the and The5ers

I’ve traded for several years, initially on stocks, and as I became more experienced, I started trading commodity and financial futures. In the last few years, I’ve traded crypto, and during 2020 I was running an automated crypto trading system using the Coinbase Pro platform. For a period I day-traded futures where I aimed to capture intra-day price volatility.

I mirrored those trades in eToro, where you can see that I got mixed results. I also documented the process on YouTube

I wasn’t happy with the results, so I paused crypto trading to focus on implementing my swing trading strategy in a separate profile I have in eToro. I started in November 2021, and the results are good – most recently, I was up 25.73% in March alone

Most of the eToro copied traders, trade stocks, and ETFs, so because I mainly trade commodities and forex, I offer diversification from a stock-only portfolio. During March, while the S&P500 was crashing on news of the Ukraine conflict, I was long oil and the Japanese Yen, which contributed to the strong month. 

The swing trading strategy is relatively simple, with straightforward entering and exiting trades rules. I hold positions for several weeks; the key to my profits is due to the amount of leverage I use and the trading tactics I have once I’m in the trade. 

I increase the size of my position by adding to it when the price continues- the goal is for profitable trades to potentially become more profits if the price “proves” itself. I don’t use price targets; I know traders who do, but I don’t – if the price continues in the right direction, I don’t want to exit the trade prematurely. 

My Swing Trading course walks the student step by step through the process I use in my trading. Students develop an understanding of the foundation of trading and the basis of developing their own strategy with a razor sharp focus on risk and money management. If the student can manage their losses, they will automatically be in the top quartile of traders. You can get a free preview of the course by clicking here

Disclosure: The author is not a licensed or registered investment adviser or broker/dealer. They are not providing you with individual investment advice. Please consult with a licensed investment professional before you invest your money.

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