Category: Swing Trading

Swing trading strategies

Swing Trading Strategies For Profit

Swing trading strategies capture significant, single moves in the market. These moves may last for anything from a day to several weeks.

forex chart patterns

How to Profit From Forex Chart Patterns

Forex chart patterns offer insight into swing traders’ sentiment of a market (are they long or short?) and also potential entry and exit points for swing trades.

momentum trading

Momentum Trading for Swing Traders

Momentum trading is at the core of a swing trading strategy – momentum is the catalyst for price change. Without momentum, no swing trade will be profitable.

Stop loss vs stop limit

Trading Risk Management: Stop Loss vs Stop Limit

Correct trading risk management is the single most important determinant of a swing trader’s long-term profitability. And the correct use of stop loss order and stop limit order is an essential part of the process.